Your contact for HVCSE – engineering

Blaze Stojkov

HVCS engineers HF
Energy and Building Consultant NDS
Interior Architecture & Designer CAS



  • 2020 HTI GmbH extends its services in the field of electrical engineering
  • 2017 New headquarters of HT Ingenieure GmbH in Glattpark-Opfikon
  • 2017 Renaming of NFI Partner in HT Ingenieure GmbH
  • 2015: Founding of NFI Partner GmbH in the field of HVCS planning

Mission Statement

HTI is a civil engineering, independent engineering company in the Zurich area. The enterprise is run by the owner Blaze Stojkov. As a planning office, we advise our clients on a wide variety of industries and always follow the integral approach to implementing projects holistically and comprehensively. As a small business, we are flexible, we meet customer needs efficiently and make prompt decisions.


Allianz Suisse Insurance Company

  • Personal injury and property damage CHF 5’000’000.-
  • Property and financial losses CHF 2’000’000.-